TikTok Video Marketing in 2021

TikTok is taking over Video Marketing. Here are interesting numbers and fact about TikTok and how is this affecting other platforms.

TikTok Video marketing 2020

TikTok is a new social platform

TikTok is a video platform that is focused on short videos. Currently, the maximum length of the video is 60 seconds but most of them are shorter than that. The platform enables everyone to create and share their content, express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. What makes it interesting is that new users don't need to create accounts to start using it. It is enough to simply download the App. Once TikTok App is opened, videos automatically start playing.


Average daily time spent on TIKTok in minutes


TikTok platform is very easy to use and that is why the number of users is rising every minute. Right now it is the most download App in the World. There are more than 800M Global active monthly users and 30M+ US monthly active users. Strongest presence is in China with more that 500M monthly active users. Most users are from generation Z. 69% of users are aged between 16-24 and 31% of users are 25+ years old. There is a slight gender difference with more than 60% of female users.

TikTok users by gender 2020 TikTok users by gender 2020 Video marketing statsTikTok app users sorted by age infographicTikTok video marketing stats 37Billion video views per monthTikTok average minutes spent on the app per day ifographicTikTok how many times per day users open the app


TikTok and the future of VIDEO MARKETING

TikTok will grow further and faster, there is no doubt in that. But what does this mean for marketers and ad agencies? Definitely more opportunities and more advertising space. We believe that TikTok will become a serious thread for Facebook and Instagram, therefore, forcing them to drop their prices for advertising in order to keep them on their platforms. On the other hand, TikTok is already giving advertisers a great chance to promote companies with organic content. Right now platform offers great organic reach and more and more companies are taking advantage of that.

At the moment, TikTok is testing advertising options on their platform and only big agencies are allowed to advertise on the network. What is interesting is all the new video marketing options platform will offer. Currently, there are five categories or ad products that companies can choose from. We will break them down for you.

TikTok Brand Takeover

What is that?

This feature will allow brands to position their message on the user's home screen. Their message will be the first thing that the user will see upon opening the app. It will support 3-5 seconds long GIF,JPG or video formats. This kind of ad will allow marketers to drive users to internal or externals destinations. What is interesting is that this kind of ad will only be available to one advertiser per day. With this function, the advertiser will be guaranteed with more than 5M impressions per day.

What about the price?

This kind of ad placement will cost you $50,000 for 1 day

TikTok In-Feed Video

This will allow advertisers to place a 5-15 seconds long video to targeted users' feed. The whole ad will be masked in a way that will appear as natural as possible. This kind of ads will have a profile picture, user name, shares, comments and it will look as an organic video post. This kind of ad campaign will cost a minimum $25,000 to a maximum $30,000 for the campaign entirety.

TikTok Marketing In feed ad example

TikTok Hashtag Challange

Hashtag challenge is native to TikTok and it captures the power of the audience's tendency to create and share content. The brand that creates the challenge can specify simple rules or better to say simple directions on how to record the challenge. Challenges play a huge role on the platform. 16% of videos on the platform are connected to challenges and more than 35% of users participate in them.

Hashtag challenge will allow advertisers to start a new challenge and give them a number one place in the challenge section. This means that when the user will go to challenge page, the first one will be advertisers. This will last 6 days and for the first 3 days, an advertiser will be on  the number one spot and the next 3 dasys on second place. This kind of campaign is great because it offers a great chance of virality. If you want to create a hashtag challenge it will cost you $150,000

TikTok Hastag challage video marketing on tik tok

TikTok Branded Lens

This is a special brand deal that will ensure you in house production of custom face filters or lenses. Depending on advertisers' need, TikTok in-house team will create 2D and 3D lenses. This kind of lenses will transform users' surroundings or implement changes to the users face. This kind a promotion will ensure advertiser a top spot for 10 days in the trending tab. It is an interesting fact that more than 64% of users tried lenses and this kind of engagement means longer exposure and deeper connection with the brand. If advertisers will mix this with hashtag challange, possibilities are endless. This kind of promotion will cost you from $80,000 to $120,000 depending on the complexity of the filter.

TikTok Branded lenses video marketing how it will look

TikTok Top View

This is a mix of Brand Takeover ads and In-Feed ads. Top View format will allow those two formats to compliment one another. User will first see Brand Takeover ad and after 5 seconds this ad will be faded into In-Feed ad.

TikTok Compaign Metrics

What can you measure when advertising on TikTok

Brand Takeover
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Unique reach
Hashtag Challenge
  • Banner clicks
  • Impressions
  • Hashtag page views
  • Number of user generated videos
  • Total video views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

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